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Students these days have never known life without computers and the internet, so they are well socially networked and are classified as digital “natives” in the digital native’s debate. (Handal, 2011).  Students are well adapted to using technology in their everyday life; with technology always advancing it is important to a student’s successful future that they can easily adapt to future technologies so it is no wonder that schools are increasingly using mobile technology to further their students learning.  With the inclusion of mobile learning in the classroom students have a better chance of connecting their lives with their learning and gaining skills for the future.

Mobile learning can best be described as the use of hand held objects to make learning available at any given place or time.  Mobile learning lets students communicate, create and discover. Mobile learning supports many pedagogical theories including constructivism and socio-cultural by providing opportunities for students to problem solve, communicate and construct their own understanding.  There are many concerns for mobile learning, as most teachers view them as distractions however in order for the integration of mobile learning to be effective use of the mobile should be monitoring and consequences should be emplace in the classroom, in case of cyber-bullying.

Which learning style/s does this ICT support?

Mobile learning allows for diagrams, videos and pictures for the visual learner, podcasts and ways to listen for the auditory learner and a hands-on approach such as actually using a mobile device for learning for the kinesthetic learner. This ICT supports that of a visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner.

 How could this ICT be implemented as a good cognitive tool within the learning environment?

 Mobile’s are described as anywhere, anytime learning. Assignments and homework can be made available as an email that can be accessed anywhere. Feature such as Google can make information more available. This ICT device could be implemented in all schools as a good cognitive tool within the learning environment

 How is this ICT enabling the development of creativity?

 This ICT enables creativity by students being able to access their work at any time. Mobile learning makes learning more individual for the student to be as creative as they can and develop new ways of presenting information and using the technology available.

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